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I am not the best at keep you all informed on my happenings and I am sorry about that. I am in Venice Italy right now, I just got in from Florence today. and was in Rome before that.

I will start with Rome, I arrived quite late by plane from Stockholm Sweden and had to find my hostel. I finally got there after a confusing walk and was about to check in when the man at the desk looked at me and said "Packard?", it was a bit unsettling but he then explained that my reservation did not come through until they were already booked up, so i had to walk to another hostel called Guillivers house. And boy amd i gald I was moved I met some of the coolest people; Saran, not Sarah but Saran, from Melbourn Australia; Ben from Long Island, NY; Dan from Washington State; Carlos from Panama; Sam and Danielle from Arizona and although he did not stay in the hostel, Simon from Melbourn as well. For the two days, which by the way NOT ENOUGH!, I was in Rome I hung out with all of them at some point.

Saran and I were almost always hanging out. For the past 5 years she had been going under cemotherapy for lymphoma. The doctors told her she was clean so she bougth a ticket for vietnam and has been on the road for two months with no set plan. Pretty cool girl, she is 34 but I would have never guessed that.

I was in Rome for the football game between Milan and Liverpool. We all went to a small irish pub near our hostel, that is were we met Simon.
People were really intense about the game. I knew that was how it was, because i went to a game in Germany while I was there. I like that atmosphere. Some people see it was silly,. but i think it is great.

Simon is a sargent in the Australian Army and is on leave from Afganistan for two weeks and decided to come to Italy and Germany.It was really interesting to talk to him about things and his view on the middle east. The first time I had spoken about it with anyone who has actually seen what happens over there.

The next day Saran, Dan and I went to the Vatican. Some pretty crazy things have happened there, like Pope Joan! I women pope! I think that is pretty amazing that a women could hind her idenity for so long and then be appointed pope and the only way people found out was that she gave birth in the middle of a parade, where she and the newborn were stoned to death right there and then. think about if that kid had lived " hey, yeah my mom? she was pope." I) doubt it would be something to brag about then, but still pretty crazy.

that night we all went out again, and Ben and I walked to the coloseum at about 2 in the morning, some creepy guys hang out there at night. it was beautiful though nonetheless. then the next day i headed to florence with Simon and Saran. I will write more later, but people are in line for the computers.

love and adventures.

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