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Frankfurt to Paris to London to Oxford in two days.


Well I made it. I am in Oxford England right now. I am sitting in a small conveniance store that has computers. It is run by a Benny of Bennys Conveniance Store.

So Yesterday I woke up at 5 30 am (10 30 pm chicago time) to catch my train to Paris at 6 43 am. Since the Train station was literally across the street it was not a problem, but breakfast was being served at 7, so i did not get to eat until I got to Paris. But the man at the reception made me a latte.

While waiting to board the train, five people commented on my shoes, I thought that was sort of funny. One person is normal, maybe even two, but 5 people?? I then boarded the Train. It was the only Direct train to Paris, that is why I took one so early. It had intended to arrive at Gaude du Est at 13:20, but instaed we arrived at 15:30. We stayed at the Metz station for two hours. The train left the Metz station 3 times but it backed up twice. Most people got upset, I just thought it was funny. I think something was wrong with the signals or something.

Finally I arrived in Paris, I took four different lines of the Metro to get to my hostel which was, way far away from the middle of Paris. I was so exhausted , i basically just went to sleep.

I then got up bought a pastry at a local bakery, they only thing open before 7 in France, and took the metro to Gaude du Nord, where I bought a ticket to London. Getting into the terminal was so draining, the passport lady wanted proof that I was leaving the UK, but I could not find my flight info. I think she just got tired of waiting for me so she let me through. Then I went and sat down. I went through my bag, and I found the flight info. I was scary for a moment, I thought I was not going to be able to get into England.

Then I took the train to London, the underground to Paddington and a train to Oxford.

I will spend today and tomorrow in Oxford and the take a late afternoon train back to London to stay there before I pick Maren up at Luton ( so far away ) on the 31st.

Well till next time,


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sunny 23 °C

So my first day in Frankfurt was surprisingly eventful.

I met a Japanese man on the street that wanted me to go to Goethes house with him....I politely declined because i was going to the museum stretch. He was a very funny old man. He asked if I had ever been to Japan and when i said hadn't he said "You MUSH!". Very odd funny man.

And the strangest coincidence happened, Si and Abe you will get a kick out of this. I was in my hostel room taking a short nap before I wentout again for food and another women was sitting on her bed. We started talking and she told me she went to school in Vermont, I then informed her that I might be going to schol in Vermont as well. She then asked where and I said Marlboro expecting a blank/confused look and instead I got "I go there!"!!! yes I met Sarah Fielding in a hostel of dozens in a city of thousands on a totally different country than our own. Crazy right?? I think so. Well we ended up going to dinner, talking about Marlboro and we saw a movie too, Music and Lyrics, in german of course.

Well it is late and I need to get up early to catch a train to Paris at 6:43 am.
Much Love

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And we're off!

sunny 21 °C

Well I am about to leave for the airport. My flight leaves O'Hare at 3:15 pm and gets in in Frankfurt at 6:20 in the morning on Tuesday.

Well, we are off! Hope to hear from all of you along my way.

much love

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So close....

I went downtown Chicago today to do some last minute shopping at a traveling store that is closing. I am getting very excited. The one thing about this trip, is while trying to go to as many countries as possible it seems like i have to cut short on some places. But i think it will change once I am over there. If I love someplace there is nothing stopping me from staying there for another day. It will be interesting what citys I love and which ones I dont. I think I am going to love Italy.

well until next time!

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One Week

Hey Guys!

Well, This is the way you can "track" me on my travels. I will be leaving March 26th and will be travelling to as many European countries as I can in three months. I am really glad I have this chance, that so many people have expressed to me as a "once in a lifetime opportunity". Well I hope that you will email me. And if you are going to be overseas and want to meet up for a couple days somewhere, let me know and I will try and make it work. Traveling alone, I will want to meet up with some familiar faces along the way.

I hope to hear from you!


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