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So.....I know it has been awhile and alot has happened.....I am sorry I have not informed you on my happenings.

Originally I was only planning on being is Spain for a week total. Basically I would only go to Madrid and Barcelona. I have now spent about 14 days in Spain, not my choice. Dont get me wrong Spain is beautiful and I have had some fun here, but the stress has beaten the fun into the ground multiple times.

Ok...Madrid....I met up with Cody, from Waldorf. He showed me around the city and tried his best to explain the importance of the strawberry tree and bear statue. we hung out for a couple of hours and caught up.

That night as well as the next I hung out with Cody and his friends. it was great to speak english and have people understand me.

After Madrid I headed to Barcelona, which I was very excited for. I got there very late at night, and walked to my hostel, which was only 5 minutes by foot.

The next few days I spent with Jessie, a canadian girl from Prince Edwards Island. She said I was the first person to connect that with Anne of Green Gables. I love Anne of Green Gables. I used to want to marry Gilbert from the film and then I found out he is about 20 years my senior and that did not seem likely.

Our last day we headed to the train station to confirm our trains to France. When we got there we found out there was a strike in France, and we would not be able to travel through it for at least two days. so what to do? We decided to go to Africa. I know abit random, but we had talked about how cool it would be to go to Morocco, and this gave us a chance to go.

The rest of the day, we visited Gaudi buildings. My favorite was the Cathedral, it reminded me of the drip castels my siblings and I used to make on the beach. I have not been to an Evanston beach in a really long time. I think it must be 2 years, swimming at least. I have been away every summer since then. I hope I can go this summer.

Parc Guell was breathtaking. It was packed full of school groups and tourists, which made it hard to get any clear photo.

Which doesnt really matter because I have no photos from Barcelona anymore. Because my purse got stolen on the train from Barcelona to Madrid. We had stopped there to change trains to go to Malaga. Basically, not getting into specifics, it was a stressful couple of days. My purse had my ATM card, camera and cell phone in it. So I basically had no money for the next couple of days. But Jessie was with me and I did have a credit card and traveller checks, so things worked out.

But just f.y.i. spain does not change american travellers checks at change stations, only banks. and I was there on a sunday and bank holiday so no banks was open. very annoying.

Because of this Jessie and I never actually got to Morocco. Too bad, but I did say this was an Europe trip, so Africa was not in the cards, that is ok. I will go there someday, maybe with Edith...she loves Africa.

And to top off all of that I ended up getting about 10 spider bites, if you know me well you know that is not good, a bunch of bed bug bites and I apparently have a mild pollen allergy and spring in spain provokes alot of pollen into the air, needless to say I was an unhappy chappy.

It is quite sad actually that all this happened in such an amazing country, because I wish I could have enjoyed myself more in the beautiful surroundings. It is a shame....but maybe I will go back someday.

The tense in this blog is probably not consistant since I have written it over a week. so sorry about that. confusing I know.

Ok....so after the whole Spain curfuffle, I headed to Lyon France. Which my cousin, Andrew suggested to me saying "it is better than paris". I had no idea about it, but I went taking his word for it, and I loved it. It was what in my mind I imagined Paris to be, but paris ended up no being. It was old townhouses, small stone streets and small independent shops and cafes.

I stayed at the HI hostel in Vioux Lyon, which is only one of the two hostels in Lyon. It was really nice, other than the extremely long lock out period, 10-2. It was fine, with me, but I had to bring everythibng with me, just took alittle more planning that I had been doing previously. The hostel was about half way up the hill, that at the top is the Notre Dame. That has a bigger name but I do not know it. It is Lyons Notre Dame.

The veiw from the top of the hill seemed to be from old Europe. All the building close to the hill had history and character, where as farther out the buildings grew bigger and made out of steal and glass.

The veiw from the hostel was great, but the terrace was soaking wet from the rain, so sitting out there was not an option, unless I didnt mind my pants being wet while walking through town.

While in Lyon I bought a camera, similar to my last one, so I could start taking pictures again.

One my last full day in Lyon I saw a dog on a leash, but he was holding the handle in his mouth. He was walking himself, I thought it was pretty funny, to bad I didnt get a photo of it. His owner, a small old women, was walking behind him with a lot of bags and groceries conversing with the dog as if in conversation. I miss my hermes.

Ok so now I am in Geneva.....I know a long trek from Spain....but it had to be done. I am here for two nights and then who knows. I might go visit Adele Trueblood in France, or if not I think I will start heading north towards Copenhagen.

Much love and many adventures

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