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French is confusing as heck


Hey guys!

So My trip seems to be moving forward now, for awhile I seemed to be stuck...cough..spain...cough. I am now in Amsterdam, waiting for my cloths to be clean, then I will head out to the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum.

While in Geneva I met acouple girls from Malaysia, Jessie and Grace. They were pretty cool. They are currently on a work holiday visa in the UK. It means they work for a year and they are allowed to travel for a year. I think it a cool idea for a way to travel. I might do it, I do not know how difficult it is to get it as a US citizen.

The first night I was there, we walked around the downtown area and took some night photos for the TALLEST FOUNTAIN IN EUROPE! yeah not as exciting as the hostel and guide books make it out to be. It was nice but not amazing.

At one point there was a man following us, but we quickly walked into a busy part of town it was fine, he turned around. The other girls were more nervous than me, I knew that e would stop once we got into a public area.

They next day was the Geneva Marathon, which I had no idea about until we walked into the downtown area and could not walk across the street because of huge groups of runners. We wanted to sit and watch but it was really chilly. We tried, but ended up walking around. When then visited THE LARGEST FLOWER CLOCK IN EUROPE. I think it is funny that they make such a big deal about that stuff, it was not breathtaking or anything.

I did not have a chance to visit the UN, too bad. but th time just got eaten up. I will visit it someday.

After Geneva I headed to Adele Truebloods house in Colmar, but I had not spoken to her in any form for awhile. but she had said anytime is fine, so I gambled it. I called her and never got an answer, I emailed her and nada. The thing is I had a phone number, email and city, but no address, so I could not just show up. Then finally I had to make a reservation somewhere. I headed to the hostel in Colmar, France. It was dead....I ended up getting a room to myself for 13 euros, which is awesome.

That night I went to a internet cafe and saw I got an email from Adele telling me to call anytime tonight, she would have her phone on. I called and got the answering machine. I left a message that I would call tomorrow and that I was staying at the hostel.

What I did not take into consideration was that the next day was a national holiday, so everything was closed including the transit system. I walked across Colmar with all my belongings to find a Tabac shop to buy a phone card, because the phone booths do not take coins, to call Adele. I left the hostel around 10 and called adele at about 1 or 1 30. I got her! and I found out that she had left her phone in the car for three minutes and that is whne I had called. but since she did not have a number to contact me at, she could not call me back. It was crazy. She then met me at the train station and picked me up.

Ok, Thomas and Adeles house is on a hill, in the woods in Munster France. They have no shower or fridge. They only have a small sorce of solar power and a small sorce of water for two sinks, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen and for the toliet. they also have a gas run stove and oven. I really liked hanging out with them. It is crazy Adele used to babysit me, we went to the same school and we were both in the St. Lukes Choir. Crazy.

So As I said I am now in Amsterdam, I have heard great and not so great things about it, we shall see. I am heading to Copenhagen next to take in some of my families heritage.

Much love and many adventures you guys!


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